All I Want for Christmas Is an AK-47

When the Reason for the Season Goes Missing

Making a list, and checking it twice: “The Prophet Isaiah” – Raphael, 1512

Making a list, and checking it twice: “The Prophet Isaiah” – Raphael, 1512

The morning news cycle yesterday made passing reference that — among the brisk Black Friday holiday shopping spree sales last week — Americans snatched up more guns for gifts than in any previous year. Only a few hours later, news broke of another mass shooting spree, this time in San Bernardino.

With every perpetrator, there is one common denominator. We usually don’t know why they did it, at least initially. But we always do know how they did it.

And, in this case, the means used to express that something in such a lethal way was with legally acquired weapons that provided the means to commit those violent acts. Whether or not this scenario fits our predisposed opinions, those are simple, plain and undeniable facts. But lest the reader think this is just another editorial debate ….

This is the season Christian faith communities of every sort prepare in one way or another to observe the nativity of something deemed to be holy and salvific. We recall ancient prophecies that foretell a “prince of peace, and wonderful counselor” comes around each year with a message to save us from ourselves. (Isaiah 9:6)

Once born into a world of violence and terror not unlike our own, the message remains unchanged. Regrettably, so too has been the obstinate ways in which we have collectively refused to live with one another in response to that message.

You can read more of what this might mean in this latest commentary Here.


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